The previous editions of the Caltech Space Challenge were featured in more than 40 press releases and produced a total of 11 academic publications. A complete list of press features and academic publications is available below. 

Press articles

2019 Caltech Space Challenge

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2017 Caltech Space challenge

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Academic Publications

2017 Caltech Space Challenge

Carberry Mogan, S., Kurzrok, A., Anand, A., Ben Hamida, S., Buhler, P., Crews, D., DeLatte, D., Diaz Ramos, M.F., Gilleron, J., Lysandrou, P. and Marquis, A., 2017. 2017 Caltech Space Challenge-Lunarport: Lunar Extraction for Extraterrestrial Prospecting (LEEP). In AIAA SPACE and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (p. 5375).

Casanova, S., Henry de Frahan, J., Guimaraes Goecks, V., Herath, S., Herreras Martinez, M., Jamieson, N., Jones, T., Kang, S.W., Katz, S., Li, G. and O'Sullivan, D., 2017. Enabling Deep Space Exploration with an In-Space Propellant Depot Supplied from Lunar Ice. In AIAA SPACE and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (p. 5376).

Gilleron, J., DeLatte, D., O'Sullivan, D., Lysandrou, P., Sparta, J. and Li, G., 2017. Lunarport concept - a launch and supply station for deep space missions: a comparative study of the two concepts developed at the 2017 Caltech Space Challenge. 10th IAA Symposium on the Future of Space Exploration, Torino, Italy.

Gat, I. and Talon, T., 2017, March. Lunarport: A proposed Lunar-resource station to expand deep-space travel horizons. In Aerospace Conference, 2017 IEEE (pp. 1-8). IEEE.


2015 Caltech Space Challenge

Conte, D., Di Carlo, M., Ho, K., Spencer, D.B. and Vasile, M., 2018. Earth-Mars transfers through Moon distant retrograde orbits. Acta Astronautica143, pp.372-379.

Roa, J. and Handmer, C.J., 2015. Quantifying hazards: asteroid disruption in lunar distant retrograde orbits. arXiv preprint arXiv:1505.03800.


2013 Caltech Space Challenge

Price, J.B., Tanner, M.M., Krishnamoorthy, S., Chadwick, A.R., Dahir, A.R., Kumar, A., Williams, A.A., Thomas, C.P., Igbinosun, O.J., Nizenkov, P. and Schlottke, K.M., Nathanson, E., Hall, S. A., Do, S., Kolmas, J., and Hassan, B. N. 2014. A design proposal for Asaph-1: A human mission to Phobos. The Journal of Space Operations11(2).

Bosanac, N., Diaz, A., Dang, V., Ebersohn, F., Gonzalez, S., Qi, J., Sweet, N., Tie, N., Valentino, G., Fraeman, A., Gibbings, A., Maddox, T., Nie, C., Rankin, J., Rebelo, T., and Taylor, G. 2014, March. Manned sample return mission to phobos: A technology demonstration for human exploration of Mars. In Aerospace Conference, 2014 IEEE (pp. 1-20). IEEE.

Rabinovitch, J., Mihaly, J., Parziale, N., Mehrotra, P., Cymbalist, N., Burgoyne, H., Qi, J., and Duckworth, H. 2014. The Caltech Space Challenge: Lessons Learned and Future Plans. International Astronautical Congress, Toronto, Canada


2011 Caltech Space Challenge

Rabinovitch, J., Goel, A., Niedzielska, U., Ganesan, S. and Forman, R., 2012. Vault-1-a mission architecture for human exploration of near-earth objects. In AIAA SPACE 2012 Conference & Exposition (p. 5113).

Alibay, F., Frick, A., Timmons, E. and Frank, E., 2012. Finding NEO: A manned mission to a Near-Earth Object. In AIAA SPACE 2012 Conference & Exposition (p. 5297).